The Eliot Center

During our October meeting, we also met with Deborah Garfield from Eliot Community Human Services.  Eliot Community Human Services is a private, non-profit human services organization providing services for people throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The Eliot Center, which is located in the Community Agencies building at Emerson Hospital, provides outpatient mental health services to individuals of all ages and from a range of social and economic backgrounds from nine local communities including Maynard.  Services at Eliot Center include diagnostic evaluation, individual, couples and family therapy, group therapy, 24-hour emergency services and crisis stabilization, medication management and psychological testing.

Eliot served 174 Maynard clients during its fiscal year 2010, a 14% increase over 2008.  Kids under the age of 18 represent 25% of the Maynard clients served by Eliot Center.  Beginning with the current school year, Eliot has begun to see clients onsite at Maynard High School, ensuring that kids can access its mental health services despite transportation and logistical challenges. Overall, Maynard residents represent 15% of the total clients served.  Funds received from the Maynard Community Chest help to provide services and ease the financial burden on Eliot’s clients.

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